Sergeant Killgore

An Army Bear

Army Bears are from Naughty Bear and are the Bears Army which is most of the time called in by Cozy.


The Armies role is to protect the innocent by defending them from various threats such as Naughty and the UnTed. General Treacle and Colonel Ketchup lead the Army, and are involved in Cozies plans against Naughty.








Spying on NaughtyEdit

Commanded by Colonel Ketchup and Cozy, the Army put on cameras to spy on Naughty inside his hut. Naughty killed the Army Bears and punished Cozy for violating his privacy.

Rescue missionEdit

Colonel Ketchup and his second in command, Sergeant Killgore, led a full squad of Army Bears to elimanate the UnTed presance and defend Nibbles along with the other Bear civilians. Naughty though killed Nibbles and many Bear Civilians, Army Bears and Zombears too.

Paradise IslandEdit

The Army were in many locations but were mainly at Retreat and Spa for War Heroes. The Army were involved in the plot of destroying Naughty's hut with General Treacles Super Cannon. Many of the Army Bears leaders including Treacle were murdered by Naughty.