Bando from EL

Bando is a Major Villain from Elfen Lied and is an aggressive member of the Special Assault Team.



Bando was trained in the facility but was tired of shooting fake holograms and wanted to kill real people. Due to his aggressive nature, Chief Kurama thought he was perfect for the job of elimanating Lucy.

The MissionEdit

Bando searched on the beach with Satou, and soon found Lucy to and wanted to kill her. He threatened to kill Kouta but instead knocked him out and took Lucy to an area. He then battled her and Lucy managed to kill Satou, and bringing massive pain to Bando by stabbing his eyes and tearing off his limbs.


Bando went into surgery to get fixed after his battle with Lucy. He was given a mechanicle arm and punched the doctor who fixed him with the arm while bringing the Nurse into fear. He escaped the building by jumping out of the nearest window.

Encountering NanaEdit

Nana was on the beach to search for a place to go and encountered Bando. Bando interrogated Nana about Lucy's whereabouts but she didn't know. Nana fought Bando and destroyed his mechanicle arm, then left him on the beach.

Finding LucyEdit