Lt. Battle Droid

Lt. Battle Droid

"Uh, Viceroy, the Jedi are here"

This Battle Droid Lieutenant is a character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and is a lieutenant in the droid army.



After Viceroy Nute Gunray escaped the Republic, this lieutenant battle droid was assigned to protect Nute Gunray's hologram within General Grevious's Castle. He was in charge of a group of Battle droids who were as well assigned to protect the hologram.


The Lt. Battle droid informed the hologram that two Jedi, Kit Fisto and Nahdar Vebb, were approaching them. So, Nute Gunray ordered him and the others to elimanate him. Though they failed their objectives because they were all destroyed with lightsabers.


Most Battle droids would panic in fear when a Jedi approached, but this droid was loyal enough to stand against them. He had his troops take positions and target the Jedi with Blaster rifles.