Chief Bitores Mendez

Bitores Mendez, Chief of the Village

"You carry the same blood as us, it seems. Neverless, you're an outsider. Just remember, if you become unpleasent to our eyes, you will face sevre consequences..."

Bitores is a Major Villain from Resident Evil 4 and is Chief of a Spanish Village.


Capturing Leon S KennedyEdit

Bitores Mendez first encountered Leon when he went back to the captured Luis Sera that was freed. He knocked out Leon, and brought him to his master, Osmund Saddler. Leon was then injected with Las Plagas to transform him into a Ganado.

Second encounterEdit

Chief Mendez encountered Leon in his house, and warned him not to be unpleasent to the Ganados eyes. Bitores left Leon, but Leon went after the Chief. Mendez viscously attacked him and attempted in killing him but he was shot in the back twice by Ada Wong. Mendez then made Ada unconsiosus and she was brought underground to be executed.