Special Ops menu

Special Ops is an extra mode from MW2 which has challenging and extra missions.



"Predator Drones, favela gangs, sniper rifles and stealth. These Ops are short and sweet."

The PitEdit

Clear all of the enemy targets as fast as possible. Shooting Civilians will prevent you from getting 3 Stars.

Est. Opposition: None

Classification: Assault

Est. Completion Time: 1:00.00

Sniper FiEdit

Use Sniper Rifles, Claymores and Predator Drones to hold off waves of enemies.

Est. Opposition: Light

Classification: Wave Defense

Est. Completion Time: 01: 55.50

O Cristo RedentorEdit

Hunt down and eliminate the Favela gang. Minimize Civilian casualities.

Est. Opposition: Light

Classification: Elimination

Est. Completion Time: 2: 30.00


Use silenced sniper rifles and cunning to slip past the enemy patrols.

Est. Opposition: Light

Classification: Stealth

Est. Completion Time: 3: 00.00


Push through the invading forces on the bridge to reach the safe zone.

Est. Opposition: Medium

Classification: Assault

Est. Completion Time: 3: 30.00


"AC-130 gunships, snowbile races, and Vulcan miniguns with explosive ammo. Something for everyone".


Rain death from above using an AC-130 gunship to protect your partner.

Est. Opposition: Light

Classification: Timed Escort

Est. Completion Time: 1: 30.00

Body CountEdit

Rack up a large enough body count. Quick kills earn larger bonuses.

Est. Opposition: Medium

Classification: Elimination

Est. Completion Time: 2: 30.00

Bomb SquadEdit

Race through the Favela marketplace defusing the explosives before it's too late.

Est. Opposition: Medium

Classification: Timed Assault

Est. Completion Time: 2: 30. 00


Speed your snowbile down the moutain, dodging trees, rocks, and thousand foot drops.

Est. Opposition: Minimal

Classification: Driving

Est. Completion Time: 1: 30. 00

Big BrotherEdit

Explosive Ammunition, Vulcan Minigun, Blackhawk Helicopter. Clear the way.