Chubby the Mayor

Chubby is a character from Naughty Bear and is Mayor of Perfection Island.


The PartyEdit

Chubby went to Daddles Party and laughed at Naughty's present along with Giggles. Chubby was though killed along with the other Bears after pushing Naughty to insanity.


Chubby ran for Mayor of Perfection Island and many Bears voted for him after he promised if elected he'll kill Naughty. Naughty wanted to shut him down but he found out Ninja Bears were hired to protect him. So with great strategy, Naughty successfully got rid of Chubby.


Chubby went to Paradise Island and bucked for a operation with Dr. Doctuer to get slimmer by sucking usless fluff out of his body. Naughty wanted to give Chubby the operation himself so he disguised as the doctor and sucked all of Chubby's fluff with the machine, ending his life.