Clovis la Britannia

Clovis la Britannia

Clovis la Britannia is a character from Code Geass and is a Prince in the Holy Britannian Empire.


Terrorist AttackEdit

After his speech which is atchually an act, he is recieved some pressing news and bursts of the "Poison Gas" stolen by the Terrorists from General Bartley Aspirus. Clovis then gives orders to all Knightmare Pilots to recover the missing cargo now in the Terrorist's hands. Earl Lloyd deduces that the Military's mission is to track the Terrorists back to their hideout and eliminate him, and offers his help to Prince Clovis. Lloyd is then informed by Bartley that the Terrorists captured a poison gas capsule which may be used as a weapon against the Britannian Military. Clovis, with his beliefs that the Terrorists have eluded them, orders the purge of the entire Ghetto. The young and elderly are killed indiscriminately in this massacre. 

As a result of the counterattack from the rebels that destroyed most of the Britannian Military, Clovis was forced to allow the release of an experimental Knightmare Frame developed by the Special Envoys, the Lancelot, which was piloted by Sazaku Kururugi. Just as Britannian Soldiers corners the Terrorists, Clovis ordered an immediate cease-fire under coercion by Lelouch. Clovis soon meets his attackers at gun point and is shocked that Lelouch is still alive.


Lelouch uses his Geass on Prince Clovis to find out if his responsible for his mother's death, Marianne. Clovis then suggested that Cornelia li Britannia and Schneizal el Britannia are most likely to know who killed Marianne. After obtaining the info, Lelouch kills Clovis by pulling the trigger with his handgun and shot him.

Clovis killed

Lelouch aiming his gun at Clovis