Col. Ketchup

Colonel Ketchup

Colonel Ketchup is an Army Colonel and is Commander of the Army Bears. He is one of the targets in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise.


Spying on NaughtyEdit

Col. Ketchup ordered his men to put on camreas to spy on Naughty within his hut. But after the death of Cozy, he left the Island along with his Squad.

Rescue MissionEdit

Nibbles unleashed the UnTed from the Underground and the Army led by Ketchup went on a rescue mission to protect Nibbles and the other Bears from both Naughty and the Zombears. But the mission failed as Nibbles was assassinated in his own Ketchup, and then the Army left the Island once and for all.

Cozy's planEdit

Ketchup and his leader, General Treacle, arrived at Paradise Island to to meet up with Cozy. Naughty discovered that their plan was to destroy Naughty's hut with Treacle's Super Cannon and Cozy has the exact coordinates of the hut. 

Naughty wanted to stop their plan by elimanating Cozy so they can't smash his hut to pieces. Naughty stole the General's clothes and destroyed Cozy by shooting him out of the Super Cannon.


Colonel Ketchup wanted to go on vacation to Paradise Island, and has Army Bears to guard him while he relaxes. Naughty wants revenge on the Colonel for trying to kill him. To get the revenge he wanted, Naughty got one of the Army Bears to kill Col. Ketchup.