Manager Comfy

Comfy is a character from Naughty Bear and is Manager of Paradise Island.


Naughty's arrivalEdit

During Naughty's mission to elimanate Cuddles, Comfy is near the Bellhop at the reception. He was though killed along with Cuddles and the other bears.

Naughty targets GigglesEdit

Giggles is at the lobby and Naughty goes to kill him too. Naughty manages to kill Comfy in the proccess.

Setting up the GuardsEdit

As Manager of the Resort, Comfy sets up Guards at the Lobby to protect the Island from Naughty's presance. For doing these actions, Naughty goes to punish him. Naughty disguised himself as the Bellhop and smashed Comfy's face in the bell without him seeing.