Cozy from Naughty Bear.


Siding with the ArmyEdit

Cozy sides with Colonel Ketchup and orders the Army to put camreas on their heads in order to spy on Naughty. Naughty goes on to punish Cozy for violating his privacy, and perfectly assassinates him.

Plans on Paradise IslandEdit

On Paradise Island, he called in the Army led by General Treacle and Colonel Ketchup to meet him. The General built a Cannon to destroy Naughty's hut and Cozy has the hut's exact coordinates. To stop their plot, Naughty arrives at "Retreat and Spa for War Heroes" to punish Cozy. Naughty steals Treacle's clothes and shoots Cozy out of the Cannon to destroy him. 

Silky's MansionEdit

Along with many bears, Cozy was at Silky's Mansion. Cozy was killed during Naughty's assassination of Silky.


Cozy sides with the Army and the General a lot against Naughty, showing his atchually one of the Bears who stands up against Naughty. A clue to his job, he wears a PeaceKeeper Helmet.