Daddles from Naughty Bear

Daddles is a character from Naughty Bear and is a target in both games.


The PartyEdit

Daddles is hosting a Birthday Party at Perfection Island, and refused to invite Naughty to his party. For being pushed to insanity, Naughty went on a killing spree from the Factory to the disco. He killed Daddles along with the Party Guests.

Cooking lesson gone wrongEdit

Daddles went to Nibbles cooking lesson along with Pudding and Cuddles. Nibbles though unleashed the UnTed by accident, and Daddles barricaded himself in the Kitchen with Nibbles and had  Colonel Ketchup and his men defend them. Naughty though struck and killed everyone including Daddles and Nibbles.

Holiday at Paradise IslandEdit

Daddles is one of the many targets on Naughty's hit list and comes to Paradise Island to feel better about bullying Naughty. Naughty goes to his location and propely punished him by: Trapping and Breaking his Neck while wearing nothing.