Drill Sergeant

A U.S. Army Drill Sergeant along with many recruits

Drill Instructors AKA Drill Sergeants are Non Commissioned Officers or Non Commissioned Staff Officers in the armed forces or Police forces.


Their Role is to train a platoons of Recruits about military life such as overcoming obstacles or teaching them how to use weapons. In the U.S. Navy their are called "Recruit Division Commanders" and in the U.S. Coast Guards they are known as Drill Commanders. Usally, they shout at Recruits to correct them and they are hard on them to teach them propely.

Types of Drill InstructorsEdit

Australian ArmyEdit

They are known as Recruit Instructors and teach the Recruits of Disiplince, fieldcraft, service knowlegde and drill.

Each Platoon of Recruits are commanded by Recruit Instructors who hold the ranks of Leiutenant, Sergeant and they set up four instructors who hold the ranks of Corporal or Bombardier ranks. 

Royal Australian NavyEdit