Elite Minor

Elites (also known as Sangheili) were members of the Covenant Empire. They are fierce, proud, strong, agile and intelligent warriors, as well as skilled combat tacticians. They are strong rivals with the Brutes and they live on their homeworld, Sangheilios.

Rank StructureEdit

Regular InfantryEdit


Minor Elites are the most common of the Elites yet the least experienced. They possess shields that are less stronger than Major's, and are slightly stronger then the MJOLNIR Mark V. In ranks, they are equivalent to the UNSC Sergeant Rank. They are often seen leading a squad of Grunts into battle.


Major Elites are veteran Elite Warriors which have the equivalent rank to a UNSC Lieutenant. A single Elite Major can survive against a whole entire squad of UNSC Marines. They can be seen leading Grunts and Minor Elites into battle.


Ultra Elites are the Covenant's Captains and Colonels and are also field commanders. They command individual operations.


General Elites are the highest ranking military personnel by the Covenant among the Covenant ground forces. They lead hundreds and even thousands into battle. Generals have incredibly heavy amount of shields and amount of health.



Ranger Elites are Elites who work in the area of Vaccum. Their helmets and armour are very protective against vaccum, and have jetpacks to fly in the air. They also can be similiar to a Covenant Drone.


Stealth Elites are the Covenant's Assassins and Spies, and they use the Active Camoflauge as their main ability. They are often deployed in ambushes. Members of this Rank do not have any shields on their armour.

Special OperationsEdit

Special OperationsEdit

Special Operation Elites are extremley skilled fighters, and usually operate in Squads. They are equipped with Active Camoflauge, but they rarely use it unless they are in a situation they must be stealth in.

Special Operations OfficerEdit

Special Operations Officers (also known as Commandos) lead standard Special Operations Elites and Grunts. 

Special Operations Commander of the CovenantEdit

This Commander Rank is even higher than Shipmaster (but equivalent to Field Master or Fleet Master) controlling all Special Ops within the Covenant and recieving missions from the Prophets. 

Honor GuardEdit

Honor GuardsmanEdit

The Honor Guardsman are one of the personal guards of the High Council, including the Prophets. They wield Spears.

Honor Guard UltraEdit

The Honor Guard Ultra also known as the Lights of Sanghelious, Honor Guard Ultra's are one of the most elite combat units within the Covenant. 

High CommanderEdit


Zealot Elites serve as Admirals and Generals. Zealots are Ship Masters, Fleet Masters and Field Masters.

Ship MasterEdit

Ship Masters command Ships including their own. Their Rank is equivalent to a UNSC Navy Captain Title.

Field MasterEdit

Field Masters lead Armies and are in charge of everything within the Army including Air Support, Armour and weapons. They are equivalent to the UNSC General Ranks.

Fleet MasterEdit

Fleet Masters lead Fleets. They are equivalent to the UNSC Admiral Ranks.

Field MarshalEdit

Field Marshals are the highest rank of Zealot. Besides leading large scale operations, they are known to lead Strike Teams composed of Zealot Officers.

Supreme CommanderEdit

Supreme Commander's lead large or powerful Covenant Navy fleets. 

High CouncilEdit


Councilor Elites are the highest Elite Rank. They have the same power as the Minor Prophets. They were taken to Delta Halo only to killed and the surviving ones were imprisoned and guarded by Brutes.