FSO Symbol

The Federal Protective Service of Russia is a security force with the task of protecting key Russian Political Officials including the President of Russia, Boris Vorshevsky.


After hear of gunfire from Vladimir Makarov's men, FSO Agents secured the President and pushed forward to eliminate hijacker's on the President's Plane. After finding the President after the Plane's crash, the Evac Choppers were destroyed and Makarov shot agent Harkov, Commander Pudovkin, Vasili Zhukov and the other FSO Agents assisting them.

Known membersEdit

Andrei Harkov

Commander Leonid Pudovkin

Sergeant Anton Fedorov

Dmitri Petrenko

Borya Mikoyan

Nikolia Kalinin

Yuri Nikitin

Vladimir Sabgaida

Dima Chernyshenko