General Treacle

General Treacle

General Treacle is a character from Naughty Bear and is leader of the Army Bears on Paradise Island.



General Treacle and his second in command, Colonel Ketchup, was called in by Cozy for a plan. Treacle built a Super Cannon to destroy Naughty's hut and Naughty targeted Cozy to stop the plan. Naughty stole the clothes of General Treacle and shot Cozy out of the Super Cannon.

Naughty targets the ColonelEdit

Colonel Ketchup wants to now relax at the Island but with his involvment in the Super Cannon plan, Naughty refuses to let him relax. He gets the Army to turn against Ketchup and they elimanate him.

Battling NaughtyEdit

Naughty now targets the General after hearing his the mastermind of the Super Cannon plot. Naughty pushed Treacle to insanity and forced the Army General to kill himself with the gun in his paws.