Giggles is one of the Villains from Naughty Bear and enjoys laughing.


Daddles Birthday PartyEdit

Giggles, along with Chubby, laughed at Naughty for making a present for Daddles. He was soon then killed along with the other Bears as his punishment.

Treasure HuntEdit

Captain Bearbeerd and the Pirates arrived at Perfection Island to get the treasure which is underneath Naughty's hut. Naughty discovered this and killed them including Giggles to stop their plan.

Paradise IslandEdit

Giggles was in charge of checking the Guest list for the holdiay at Paradise Island. Naughty wasn't on the Guest List so Naughty returned to the Resorts Lobby to punish him. He executed him by shredding Giggles with the lawnmower for his revenge.