Chief Gordon

Chief Gordon from Naughty Bear

Gordon is a character from Naughty Bear and is one of the targets from Panic in Paradise.


Job on Perfection IslandEdit

Gordon has been summoned many times by Bears and he arrives at Perfection Island with another Cop Bear to take out Naughty. Although, he has been punished for his attempts of hunting him down.

The X BearsEdit

Gordon worked with Bubbles to get rid of Naughty by calling in Danger Bear and the X Bears. Naughty escaped the trap though.


Gordon wanted to have a vacation at Paradise Island, and for years his tried to hunt down Naughty. Naughty arrives at Paradise Island and reaches Gordon on the Hit List to punish him for saying "The Menace That is Naughty Bear" as he puts it. Naughty gunned down Gordon with his own magnum and escaped the Crime Scene alive.