Hibana Daida

Hibana is one of the many characters from Deadman Wonderland and is the third squad leader.


Early lifeEdit

When Hibana was younger, even around 4 years old, she was abused by her own mother. Her mother did this by telling her it would make her a good girl. When some kindergarten classmates flipped her skirt, she tortured and killed them afterwards. She was soon arrested for doing so and her only defense was that he did something bad, so she should punish him. In the media, she was labelled as "Punishment". She was taken to DW and was trained as an Undertaker. She also caused her mother's death, saying "She taught me so well I taught her back", implying she tortured her mother like she tortured Hibana.

Scar Chain Edit

When Rokuro and Nagi infiltrated the control room to activate the elevator and defeated all the guards. Hibana appears so Nagi asks why she's here, decieved by her young appearence. He also asks Rokuro to activate the elevator and when he refuses, Hibana takes out her weapon which is a very heavy and large sword, and introduces herself as "Commander of the 3rd Undertaker Squad". Nagi understands Rokuro's betrayal and summons Owl's Eyeball. He sends the bombs to Hibana, but she cancels his Branch of Sin with her Worm Eater. After she explains what the Worm Eater power is, Nagi attacks her again but is soon hit by Hibana. She chopped off Nagi's arm, but was eventually defeated and escorted back to the Undertakers's HQ.

When Nagi was captured and Ganta comes to save him, Hibana was there too. As Shiro attempts to run towards Ganta, Hibana breaks her legs with her Sword. She fled the room after Azuma Genkaku started rampaging and walked through the corridoors afterwards. Later she runs to Toto, where she goes into defense.


Hibana was easily killed by Toto (Hagire Rinichiro in his new body) in an effort to test his new powers.