Killstreaks are similiar to Scorestreaks in other Call of Duty games. They are designed to help the player and are unlocked if the player gets enough kills in a row.


Spy PlaneEdit

The Spy Plane displays enemy positions on the Radar for 45 seconds but can be shot down. Players using Ghost cannot be detected.


The RC XD is a mini car strapped with explosives and is controllable for 30 seconds until it self destructs. It can be detonated.

Counter Spy PlaneEdit

The Counter Spy Plane disables the enemy Radar when used. Can be shot down and destroyed.

SAM TurretEdit

The Surface To Air Missile aka SAM Turret. It targets all enemy Killstreaks and has infinite ammuniation.

Care PackageEdit

Airdrop a Care Package which can have a Random Killstreak Reward, Ammuniation, Death Machine or a Grim Reaper. Can be rerolled with Hardline Pro or booby trapped with Hacker Pro Perks.

Napalm StrikeEdit

The Napalm Strike drops napalm on a designated location on the map.

Sentry GunEdit

Deploy a placeable Sentry gun which automitically shoots detected enemies.

Mortar TeamEdit

Targets three locations to bombard with Mortar Strikes.

Attack HelicopterEdit

Call in a Cobra Attack Helicopter that can be shot down and destroyed. It uses a target map like the Mortar Team or Napalm Strike. It automitically attacks enemies.

Valkyrie RocketsEdit

A Surface to Air missile launcher with two contrallable missiles. Can be used to take down other Killstreak Rewards.

Rolling ThunderEdit

Call in a B-52 Carpet Bomber which bombards an ordered area. Some buildings near the bombard area can be affected.

Chopper GunnerEdit

Be the door gunner of a Huey as it makes circles around the map. It can be shot down, enemies are highlighted with red squares.

Attack DogsEdit

Call in a pack of Viscous dogs that hunt down enemy players and kill them in one hit.


Pilot a Hind helicopter gunship. The Pilot has UV 32 rockets and a 12 mm nose cannon. Enemies are highlighted with red squares.