The Killstreaks from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.



The UAV scans the map and reveals enemies locations on the map. But it can be shot down or hit by a Predator Missile. 3 Kills must be earned to get the UAV.

Care PackageEdit

After the Player throws a Red Smoke grenade, the Care Package contains a Random Killstreak or Ammo. 4 Kills must be earned to get the Care Package.

Counter UAVEdit

The Counter UAV disables enemy radar and makes enemy UAV's useless. Can be destroyed the same way as the normal UAV and the player must earn 4 Kills to get it.

Sentry GunEdit

Airdrop a deployable Sentry gun which is used to automatically shoots enemies and kills them. Can be destroyed and 5 Kills must be earned to get the Sentry gun.

Predator MissileEdit

Launch down a Predator Missile to the ground to kill enemies. Earn 5 Kills to get the Predator Missile.

Presicion AirstrikeEdit

Mark a location where an Airstrike can attack to kill enemies. Earn 6 Kills to get the Presicion Airstrike.

Harrier StrikeEdit

Deploy a two small Airstrikes from two Harriers hovered by one with turrets to kill enemies. Earn 7 Kills to get the Harrier Strike.

Attack HelicopterEdit

Call in a Hind or Cobra Attack Helicopter to fire at enemies it detects. Earn 7 Kills to get the Attack Helicopter.

Emergency AirdropEdit

Call in a C 130 Cargo Plane to airdrop four Care Packages. Cannot be destroyed or is not affected by EMP. Earn 8 Kills to get an Emergency Airdrop.

Pave LowEdit

Call in a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low armed with .50 Caliber Machine Guns to kill enemies. Earn 9 Kills to get a Pave Low.

Stealth BomberEdit

Call in a B2 Spirit that is invisable to enemy's radar. It drops bombs in a persific line to kill enemies and 9 kills must be earned to get the Stealth Bomber.

Chopper GunnerEdit

Control a AH 64 Apache or MI 28 Havoc Attack Helicopter, armed with a 25mm Cannon. Earn 11 Kills to get Chopper Gunner.

AC 130Edit

Control an AC 130 gunship armed with a 25mm Gatling Gun, 40mm Cannon and a 105mm Hotwitzer. 11 Kills must be earned to get the AC 130 Killstreak.


An EMP aka Electromagnatic Pulse destroys enemy Killstreaks and disables the enemy's HUD, mini map and enemy weapon electronic attachments. Earn 15 Kills to get an EMP.

Tactical NukeEdit

This Killstreak wipes out all the enemies and detonates after 10 seconds. 25 Kills must be earned to get the Killstreak.