Light Yagami

Light Yagami

"If we catch Kira, he is evil. If he wins and rules the world, then he is justice."

Light is the Protaginiest to Death Note.


Light is an intelligent student and very talented. His ambitions are to kill everyone who's evil and leave the world with innocent people to become God of a new world. Light became extremley cruel when he found the Death Note, and started his killing spree on criminals and went to the point of killing the Police and people who standed in his way.


Before finding the Death NoteEdit

Light Yagami grew up in Japan with his family, which were his father who was Soichiro Yagami who was a member of Japanese Task Force. And his mother, Sachiko Yagami, and his younger sister, Sanyu Yagami. Light was a third year High School student (12th Grade) at Daikoku Private Academy and also attends supplement classes at Gamou Prep Academy. He later attends College at To-Oh University.

Finding the Death NoteEdit

In the year 2003, Light Yagami discovers a mysterious notebook on the ground around his school. On the cover of this notebook, it's titled "Death Note."