Bro V Bro

Cover for Mario Bros Vs. Wright Bros

Mario Bros and Wringht Bros was an episode from Epic Rap Battles of History and was in Season 2. It's about the fictional and famous italian plumbers named the Mario Bro's facing the inventors of flight: the Wright Bro's.


Wright BrosEdit

Verse 1Edit

We're the Wright Brothers and there can't be no other!

We don't wanna cause trouble. Are you looking for your lover?

Cause your Princess is in OUR caster now! Yeah, she's gone.

We stayed up all night playing Donkey Kong.

Before us, people only used to fly in balloons.

You think we're scared of two idiots addicted to shrooms?

You shoulda woulda coulda coma to lose an extra life.

So just "dudda dudda dudda" back down in your pipe!

Mario BrosEdit

Verse 1Edit

It's-a-me, Mario! And Luigi mother******!

Why don't youse get back in your biplane and make out with each other?

Look at these two! Their lives must've been horrible!

Two dorky dudes named Wilbur and Orville!

You spent all your time on one machine? Sheesh!

If you wanted to fly, you shoulda just eaten this leaf!

You should eat something anyway! Look at you so skinny!

You might fly like a hawk, but you fight like a kitty!