Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise is a video game for Xbox 360 and PS3, it is 12 rated.

Naughty bear Panic in Paradise

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise


The Bears go on a holiday to Paradise Island for fun. But, Naughty Bear doesn't get invited to the trip and begins his journey of revenge by punishing all the bears for their actions.


1# CuddlesEdit

Cuddles is one who organised the whole trip and the Narrator says his first one to pay. The player must pu nish Cuddles in anyway they want.

2# PuddingEdit

Pudding has created a Shark Monster Plant that is capable of devouring fluff. So he must be punished with the plant to see what his creation does.

3# GooberEdit

Goober was in charge of checking the bears but didn't invite Naughty. His now starting a costume party at Bearmiester mansion, and the player must punish Goober by choking him in the woods while wearing a party costume.

4# NormalEdit

Naughty has discovered a new group on Paradise Island called the Slab Chisslers. He is the Chief Recruiter of the group and must be punished with a Machette while naked before Jacques Le Tickler gets the chance to.

5# TremblesEdit

Trembles is making a deal on Paradise Island to get exclusive oil drilling throughout the Island. The player must punish him wiith an OBJECT KILL from the oil pipe.

6# FluffyEdit

Fluffy is a bear who is interested in science and has invented a Quantum portal. The Player must punish him with the Quantum Portal.

7# SunbeamEdit

Sunbeam is now trying to be friends with the Aliens once again and is being given a peace sword. The player must punish Sunbeam with the Aliens Peace Sword.

8# ChubbyEdit

As Chubby became Mayor of Perfection Island, he gained a lot of weight and has bucked himself to have a surgery with Dr. Doctuer. The player must punish Chubby with the Fluff O Matic machine while disguised as Dr. Doctuer.

9# NibblesEdit

Nibbles is cooking up a massive fiest and is leaving Naughty out. He must be punished with the Cookie Cutter Machine.

10# BubblesEdit

Bubbles is the entertainment of the trip and plays DJ Fuzz's music at the Disco. He must be punished with a Beatbox.

11# CozyEdit

Cozy has called in General Treacle and Colonal Ketchup along with the Army to come to Paradise Island and to tell them the coordinates of Naughty's hut in order for them to destroy it with the Super Cannon. He must be punished with the Super Cannon while disguised as General Treacle.

12# GreasyEdit

Greasy is part of the Greasers and Greasy is repairing a car at one of the moment. The player must punish Greasy with the car lifter.

13# FlopseyEdit

Flopsey has devolped Pudding's Shark monster Plant to a new creature known as Grhuel. The player must lead Grhuel into murdering Flopsey as Flopsey's punishment.

14# SilkyEdit

Silky is a wealthy Bear and soon wants to be a famous person but he doesn't have any talent. Silky must be punished with the Object of Pride.

15# GigglesEdit

Giggles was in charge of the Guest list but didn't put Naughty on it. The player must shred Giggles with the lawnmower.

16# DaddlesEdit

Daddles has forever bullied Naughty and goes on holiday to Paradise Island to feel better about bullying him. For revenge, the player must trap and break Daddles neck while naked.

17# TwinklesEdit

Twinkles is in charge of entertainment such as music. The Player has the objective to disguise himself or herself as Twinkles partner, Bearvis, and beat him to death with the guitar.

18# Dr JugglesEdit

Dr Juggles is a Phycoligist who has the job of making Bears reach their happiness and getting rid of their insanity. Juggles now wants to fix Naughty so the player must make Juggles committ suicide.

19# Jacques Le TicklerEdit

Tickler is an insane bear who tickles Bears with insanley sharp claws. Now Tickler was a face off so the Player must trap and break the tickler's neck.

20# Chief GordonEdit

Chief Gordon has spent years of hunting down Naughty and now wants to spend the rest of the days away from "The Menace That is Naughty Bear" as he puts it. The player must make sure Gordon knows its them and gun the Cop down with his own Magnum.

21# Ken Danger BearEdit

Danger Bear is leader of the X Bears and is here at the Island. So the Player must elimanate Danger Bear with a weapon of his own making, the Fist of Justice.

22# R0BO PR1M3 Mk.IVEdit

A new Anti Naughty Bear Robot, R0B0 PR1M3 Mk.IV, has been created to primarly destroy Naughty. So to show that technoligy is not about everything, the player must destroy the Robot with a stick.

23# Colonal KetchupEdit

Ketchup wants to relax at Paradise Island, and has Army Bears to guard him while his relaxing. The Player must get one of the Army Bears to kill Ketchup themselves.

24# StardustEdit

Stardust is the brother to Sunbeam, and wants to as well nogotiate with the Aliens. To be propely punished, the Player must choke him in the woods while wearing Sunbeam's face.

25# Master MiyagiEdit

Miyagi is Silky's hitman and former stuntman, and goes to a Costume Party but is cheating. So, the Player must get the Pirates to defeat Master Miyagi.

26# Buddy BearpertonEdit

Buddy is the cousin to Greasy and is a Jacket member. He likes to joke around saying he'll kill Naughty with his own knife. To teach Buddy it's dangrous to play with knives, the Player must cut open Buddy with a knife.

27# PelusoEdit

Peluso is a bear who's filled of Protein is at Paradise Island. The Player must throw Peluso into a sand pit with vicous Sand Dolpins.

28# Dr DoctuerEdit

Dr Doctuer is a doctor and has sent hunters out to bring back Naughty's head for his trophy plate. The Player must propely punish Dr Doctuer by sticking his body on the Trophy Plate without a Disguise.

29# Sir RubertEdit

Sir Rubert is head of the Slab Chisslers, and must be punished for building the group. Rubert must be killed with the iconic Slab Chisslers dividers.

30# ComfyEdit

Comfy is Manager of the Resort and has set up Guards to protect the Island from the Resort. To be punished, he must be killed with the bell while disguised as the bellhop.

31# DJ FuzzEdit

DJ Fuzz is a DJ and is known as the Mixing Master. He has summoned the UnTed as fans, and must be punished for his actions. The Player must get the Zombears to kill DJ Fuzz.

32# GrhuelEdit

Grhuel is a plant like creature who infected everyone in the Green House. C.A.K.E. then went to the Greenhouse and thought they can use it against Naughty. The Player must find the Syringe and inject it within Grhuel.

33# OodooEdit

Oodoo is leader of the Zombears and must be elimanated if the UnTed will be gotten rid of. So he must be punished with the weapon that summoned him while disguised as him.

34# General TreacleEdit

Treacle is tired of all the War and Fighting, he is also General of the Army. General Treacle must committ suicide in order to complete his level.

35# Emperor XoctupusEdit

Xoctupos is leader of the Aliens and wants to hunt down Naughty after the end of his invasion. The Player must kill Emperor Xoctupos in anyway the Player can.

36# Proffessor B BrightnessEdit

Brightness is Fluffy's mentor and co creator of the Robot Bears. The Proffessor must be sent to the 4th dimension with a hidden Quantum Portal.