Naughty Bear (Character)

Naughty is protaginiest of the Naughty Bear frenchise.


The PartyEdit

Naughty made a present for Daddles, and wanted to go to the Party. With the hopes of being Daddles friend and being invited to the Party. He went on his way but he encountered both Chubby and Giggles, who laughed at his present. This ended up with Naughty storming off to his hut and beginning a killing spree against the Bears. He punished Daddles along with the Others by killing them all.

Running for MayorEdit

Chubby was running to be elected Mayor of Perfection Island, he said he'll get rid of Naughty if his elected. Chubby hired Ninja Bears to protect himself from Naughty if he discovers the plan. Naughty goes to elimanate Chubby as his punishment and does so.

Arrival of the ArmyEdit

Cozy has teamed up with Colonel Ketchup and has ordered the Army Bears to spy on Naughty with camreas. Naughty goes on a mission to punish Cozy for violating his privacy and kills the Bear to punish him for his actions.

The UnTedEdit

Nibbles has made a mistake by unleashing the UnTed and Naughty goes to punish him for his mistake. But the Army led by Colonel Ketchup and his second in command, Sergeant Killgore, returns to Perfection Island for a rescue mission. His objectives are to defend Nibbles against both the Zombears and Naughty. Naughty manages to assassinate Nibbles within his Kitchen and escapes alive back to his hut.

The Oil Drilling PlanEdit

Trembles returns to Perfection Island and all the Bears cheer for his presance. Trembles announces his plan to start oil drilling in the location of Naughty's hut, and he has the B.E.A.R. soldiors to protect him. Naughty manages to stop the deal and kills Trembles.

The R0B0 B34RsEdit

Fluffy has created the R0B0 B34R's under his command. Naughty discovered he was using Quantum so he punished him for it.

The Alien InvasionEdit

The Alien Bears have been summoned by Sunbeam and invades Perfection Island led by Emperor Xoon/Xoctupus. Naughty saves Perfection Island and defeats the Aliens and is cheered for his heroic actions. But the Bears betray him so he destroys them all with the blast of an RPG.

The X BearsEdit

Naughty is invited to a Party but Cop Gordon and Bubbles call in the X Bears led by Danger Bear to get rid of Naughty. But Naughty escapes and punishes the Bears along the way.

Treasure HuntEdit

Giggles and Captain Bearbeerd started a treasure hunt and the treasure was located beneath Naughty's hut. Naughty stopped the hunt by ending the Bears who were part of the hunt lives.

The VampicornEdit

Vampicorn comes to Perfection Island and is one of the brothers to Naughty. Naughty is forced to get rid of him.

Paradise IslandEdit

After the Bears go to Paradise Island for a holiday, Naughty follows them to punish them all for not being invited. He punishes around 36 targets on his own hit list: from Cuddles to Professor B Brightness. He succeeded in killing them all and finished his revenge.


Naughty is a murderous Bear who happens to do as the Narrator say's.