High Prophet of Regret

"Every member of the Covenant shall walk the path. None will be left behind when our Great Journey begins. That is the Prophets' age-old promise, and it shall be furfilled!"

The High Prophet of Regret and previously known as the Vice Minister of Tranquility, was the youngest of the three High Prophets. 


Age of DoubtEdit

During the 23rd Age of Doubt, 2524 by the UNSC Miltary Calender, Regret held the post of Vice Minister of Tranquility. He was unique among the Prophets of his confrontational demeanor, a trait he gained from working with the Elites. He informed the Minister of Fortitude about the existance of Planet Harvest and what they believed to be a vast repository of Forerunners artifacts, which were the Reclaimers on the planet. After conspiring with Fortitude to gain these artifacts for their own use, he helped him by prentending to sympathize with those blacklisted from reproducing due to inbreeding, which included the Prophet of Restraint. After pretending to be the father of two children Restraint had unlawfully fathered, Tranquility blackmailed Restraint into stepping down from his position as High Prophet.

Before their coup, the Prophets visited the Philologist, leader of the Ascetic priests aboard the Forerunner Dreadnought and keeper of the Oracle, which was actually the long-dormant Mendicant Bias, an ancient AI that had Oracle reactivated and said the symbols