2004 was a year filled with various events around Resident Evil 4.


Albert Wesker's organization now includes both Jack Krauser and Ada Wong. Wesker's plans to acquire a sample of the Plaga located in Spain controlled by Osmund Saddler.

Wesker has Krauser work for Saddler as a double agent to gain his trust and eventually take a Plaga sample. Saddler tasks Krauser to kidnap the US President's daughter, Ashley Graham, which he successfully carries out. Krauser does not immediatly retrieve the desired sample so Wesker sends Ada to infiltrate Saddler's territory and steal it.

Leon S. Kennedy, a now fully trained special agent working for the US Government, is sent out to rescue Ashley. Ingrid Hunnigan acts as Leon's contact to assist him throughout the mission.

Leon and Ada arrive in the Village at the same time and are immediatly attacked by the Villagers. Ada manages to ring the Church Bell which forced the Ganado Villagers to retreat from Leon. Ada finds out about Los Illuminados and their ability to control Las Plagas. Leon meets Luis Sera and the two are captured and Leon is injected with one of the samples from the Plaga.