Saints Row the Third

Saints Row the Third Cover

Saints Row The Third is the third game in the Saints Row frenchise.


The Third Street Saints rob a Morningstar owned Bank but get arrested by the SWAT Team and given to Philippine Loren, leader of the Syndacate and Morningstar. But they escape yet Johnny Gat dies, so the Saints go on a journey of vengance against the Loren and the Syndacate.


When Good Hiests go badEdit

The Saints: The Protaginiest, Shaundi, Peirce, Johnny Gat and Josh Birk go on a mission to rob a Bank owned by the Morningstar in SteelWater. But the SWAT Team is called in to arrest the Saints with force.

I'm Free-Free FallingEdit

The Saints have escape Loren to let Gat deal with them. But Gat is killed, and the Saints escape the Plane to land in Steelport and survive.

We're Going to Need GunsEdit

The Protaginiest and Shaundi steal a Car to arrive at an Armory owned by the Steelport Guards to get some weapons. They go to collect some weapons at Friendly fire then go to collect the Reaper Drone at the Armory then leave alive.

Steelport Here I AmEdit

Peirce and the Protaginiest go round Steelport to see what it has to offer. Such as defeating Gang Operations and buying stuff from stores.

Party TimeEdit

After attempting to locate Loren, the Saints go on a mission to assault and take over a Morningstar owned Pentyhouse. In order to do this, Morningstar Lieutenants must be interrogateed to collect information for their assault.

Hit the Powder RoomEdit

The Saints now start their revenge against Loren, by gaining data from the Manager's Office's computer to find out where Loren is. But the place is heavily guarded by Morningstar members.

The Belgian ProblemEdit

The Saints now go to the HQ for the Syndacate to elimanate Loren. Though they have to go through a room where they create Brutes.