Scorestreaks can be used if the Player get a certain amount of kills. 

List of ScorestreaksEdit


UAV's show enemies on the mini map/Radar. It adds 10 points to the player who uses it when a teamate gets a kill when its active.


RC XD's is a remote control car that can be set off with explosives to kill nearby enemies. Per kill with an RC XD, it adds 25 points.

Hunter Killer DroneEdit

Hunter Killer Drone's are Airbourne Drones that seek out and destroys nearby enemy targets. Per kill adds 25 points.

Care PackageEdit

Care Packages are dropped to give the Player a random scorestreak. But Care Packages can get hacked by Black Hats.

Counter UAVEdit

Counter UAV's are used to disable enemy Radars. Adds 10 points to each kill your team gets while active.


Guardians project a microwave field which stuns, impairs and slowly damages enemies. As a Guardian damages enemies, the player will gain 10 points per 2 damage increments. 

Hellstorm missileEdit

Hellstorm missiles drop from the sky to hit enemies on the surface. Adds to the player 25 points per kill.

Lightning StrikeEdit

The player will launch a cooderninated Lightning strike on 3 locations. It adds 25 points to the player each kill with Lightning strike. 

Sentry GunEdit

Sentry Gun must be deployed by the player in order for it to shoot players, and it can be remote controlled. Adds 25 points per kill with a Sentry Gun.

Death MachineEdit

Death Machine is a powerful Mini Gun. Adds 25 points per kill with the Death Machine.

War MachineEdit

War Machine is a rapid fire Grenade Launcher. Adds 25 points per kill with the War Machine.


Dragonfire is a remote controlled quad roter with a lightweight machine gun. Adds 25 points per kill with the Dragonfire.


A.G.R. is an Airdrop ground robot which is armed with machine guns and rocket launchers. It is programmed to search and kill enemies which can be remoted controlled by the player if wanted. Adds 25 points per kill with the A.G.R.

Stealth ChopperEdit

The player will call in a Stealth Chopper which is unseen on the enemies mini map. Adds 25 points per Stealth Chopper kill. Takes 2 shots to take down the Stealth Chopper.

Orbital VSATEdit

Orbital VSAT will show the position of the enemy and the direction their facing. Adds 10 points as an assist with each kill the team gets while its on.

Escort DroneEdit

The player will get personal Air Support from an Escort Drone. Adds 25 points per kill with an Escort Drone.

EMP SystemsEdit

EMP Systems temporalily disables enemy electronics such as the Mini Map. Adds 10 points per kill when a team kills an enemy while their electronics are down.


Warthogs are Jet Aircrafts that provides close Air Support via several Strafe Runs. Adds 25 points per kill with the Warthog.


Lase missiles targets remotley from the Lodester. Adds 15 points per kill with a Lodester.

VTOL WarshipEdit

Become the gunner to a powerful VTOL Warship. Adds 15 points per kill with a VTOL Warship.

K9 UnitEdit

Attack Dogs spawn and hunt down enemies to kill them. Adds 15 points per kill with a Attack Dog.


Call in a Swarm of lethal Hunter Killer Drones. Adds 15 points per kill with a Swarm.