Shinagawa Dokoku

Shinagawa Dokoku is a character from Deadman Wonderland and Vice leader of the Second Squad. He is partenered with leader of the Second Squad, Mozuri Gazunchi.



Shinagawa was taken in by Mozuri who chose not to kill him. Living alongside Gazuchi, Shinagawa became a Serial Killer with a preferance for women. When they caught him, he attempted to get to his closet. When they opened the Closet it was filled with Women's hair and scalps. Shinagawa was sentenced and taken to DW, where he was recruited into the Undertakers.


He was taken with Rokuro Bundo to Scar Chain's base, and then was ordered with his partener, Mozuri Gazunchi, to kill Ganta Igurashi as executioners. Rokuro introduced Mozuri as 1st Lieutenant and Shinagawa as 2nd Lieutenant. But before they could kill Ganta, Senji Kiyomasa appeared and instantly killed them both with his Branch of Sin.