Shion is the main Villain from Higurashi and is part of the three Great families, with her being one of the members of the Sonozaki Family.


Shion Sotazaki

Shion Sonozaki

Life in the CityEdit

Shion moved to a City, and the Sonozaki family wanted her back. Shion usually talks to her older sister, Mion Sonozaki, and they talk about eachothers lives. After gone shopping, she accidentally knocked over some bikes and was confronted by the Bikers for her actions. Shion though was saved by Sotoshi, and began her crush on him.

Return to HinamezawaEdit

Shion returned to Hinamezawa, pretending to be Mion sometimes. And she encountered Sotoku at the School, and she is the younger sister to Sotoko. After discovering she's making Sotoku suffer, she wanted to kill Sotoku herself but Sotoshi stopped her violent actions.

Shion soon became the Manager's assistant for the Hinamezawa Fighters league team after discovering Sotoshi was a player there but he left the team soon. Shion attempted to persuade Sotoshi in rejoining the team but he refused. Shion soon worked as a Waitress in Angel's Mort.


For being with Sotoshi, member of the Houjo Family, she was brought into the Sonozaki torture chamber. For being highly disrespectful to her grandmother, she was forced to tear off three nails with a type of torture stool of ripping off nails. After that, she returned back to the City.

Awaken of the Inner DemonEdit

Shion soon heared that Sotoshi is missing, and her inner demon slowly awakened. Mion also came to her house for a talk and Shion questioned her about Sotoshi's dissapearence. Mion answered that she didn't know which made Shion's inner demon awake and strangle her. But she realised that Mion had three of her nails ripped off, and was going to believe her.

Sneaking into the ShrineEdit

Shion snook into the Shrine with Keiich and Mrs and Mr Tonokai. Though as their punishment, Mr and Mrs Tonokai were both killed: Mrs Tonokai was burned to death and Mr Tonokai committed suicide by clawing out at his own neck. 

Keiich and Shion then believed they were going to disappear as a sacrafice. Keiich then said he wasn't going to be punished because he didn't mean to break into the shrine.

Dissapearence of the Village ChiefEdit

Shion, disguised as Mion, talked to Kiichiro Kimiyoshi in the Sonozaki house. Shion asked what of her punishment is to Kimiyoshi and he answered that it's okay if she see's her sin for breaking into the Shrine. But he calls Sotoshi a Hojou Brat, causing Shion to knock out Kimiyoshi with a taser she used to knock out Mion and Grandma earlier.

The Chief is then interrogated by Shion with a type of torture tool. The Chief though didn't know anything about Sotoshi's dissapearence. He though later died over time.