Strike Packages are similiar to ScoreStreaks in the Call of Duty frenchise. Strike Packages have three things: Support, Assault and Specialist.


UAV (3 Kills)Edit

A UAV will show enemies on the map as red dots for 30 seconds. Enemies who have the Assassin Pro on their Perks they will not been seen on the radar.

Care Package (4 Kills)Edit

The Player will given a flare to throw to decide where the Care Package will be dropped off. A Care Package will give the player a random strike Package.

Predator Missile (5 Kills)Edit

A Predator Missile will be controlled by the player of where it will land.

Sentry Gun (5 Kills)Edit

Once deployed, a Sentry gun will automatically fire at enemies once it see's them. Players wearing the Blind Eye Perk won't be attacked by an enemy sentry gun.

Presicion Airstrike (6 Kills)Edit

A Presicion Airstrike will allow the player to call in a directional airstrike.

Attack Helicopter (7 Kills)Edit

Attack Helicopters, if called in, will search for and kill enemies for a short while.

Strafe Run (9 Kills)Edit

Call in 5 Attack Helicopters to sweep the indicated area with massive firepower caused by the miniguns on the helicopters.

AH 6 Overwatch (9 Kills)Edit

An AH 6 Overwatch will be called in to protect the player by following him or her and kill any enemy nearby.

Reaper (9 Kills)Edit

Take control of a Reaper-UAV and the player can use it to launch 14 guided laser missiles to the ground.

Assault Drone (10 Kills)Edit

Airdrop an Assault Drone that the player can take control of. An Assault Drone is armed with a Light Machine Gun and a Rocket Launcher.

AC130 (12 Kills)Edit

Be the gunner of an AC130 to kill enemies. Use the 25mm, 45mm and 105mm guns.

Pave Low (12 Kills)Edit

A Pave Low is a heavily armoud Attack Helicopter which is much harder to take down then the Attack Helicopter.

Juggernaut (15 Kills)Edit

Recieve a Juggernaut suit which is armed with the M60E4 LMG and MP412 handgun. A Juggernaut suit wil make the player much harder to kill.

Osprey Gunner (17 Kills)Edit

Be the gunner of an Osprey that drops more than one Care Packages.


UAV (4 Kills)Edit

The UAV will show enemies on the map for 30 seconds as red dots. Players with the Assassin Pro Perk cannot be seen by an UAV.

Counter UAV (5 Kills)Edit

Counter UAV disables enemy maps for 30 seconds.

Ballistic Vests (5 Kills)Edit

Drop a bag of Ballistic Vests for teamates and you. Increases armor and damage resistance.

Airdrop trap (5 Kills)Edit

Drops a booby trapped Care Package where if an enemy tries to hijack the Care Package it will explode, killing them.

SAM Turret (8 Kills)Edit

Once deployed, a SAM Turret will shoot down enemy Air Support.

Recon Drone (10 Kills)Edit

Controllable UAV helicopter. Use it to tag/mark enemies to make your teamates see them.

Advanced UAV (12 Kills)Edit

An Advanced UAV will reveal the enemies positions and direction their facing. Players with Assassin Pro will not be seen by an Advanced UAV.

Remote Turret (12 Kills)Edit

Deploy and manually control a Remote Turret to kill nearby enemies. 

Stealth Bomber (14 Kills)Edit

A Stealth Bomber will will carpet bombs at a selected area. It is undetectable and cannot be shot down.

EMP (18 Kills)Edit

An EMP will disable enemy electronics and prevent enemy Air Support.

Juggernaut Recon (18 Kills)Edit

Recieve a Juggernaut Suit equipped with an USP .45 handgun and a Riot Shield. Much harder to kill.

Escort Airdrop (18 Kills)Edit

An AI controlled version of the Osprey Gunner killstreak. It drops more than one Care Package and defends them.


Specialists are a number of perks that can be activated when a certain number of kills are done.