WARNING: There is no survival mode in COD Black Ops II. It was mistake and COD: Modern Warefare 3 was mean't to be in brackets instead.

Survival Mode is one of the three modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3's Special Ops. The objective in the mode is to survive against waves of enemies. Once a wave is cleared, the player can buy weapons, equipment and Air Support to help in the next wave.


Tier 1 (Easy)Edit





Tier 2 (Regular)Edit





Tier 3 (Hard)Edit





Tier 4 (Insane)Edit





Survival EnemiesEdit

Light troopsEdit

Light troops are normal ground force with a Model 1887 and Five Seven. (100$)

Medium troopsEdit

Medium troops are normal ground forces with a MP5 and Five Seven. (125$)

Heavy troopsEdit

Heavy troops are normal ground forces armed with AK 47 and Five Seven. (150$)

Commando troopsEdit

Commando troops are normal ground forces armed with ACR 6.8 and Five Seven. (200$)

Commando Heavy troopsEdit

Commando heavy troops are normal ground forces armed with FAD and Five Seven. (275$)

Suicide troopsEdit

Suicide troops are armed with USAS 12 and are strapped with C4. Once killed or wounded, they committ suicide to kill nearby enemies. Attack Dogs can also be suicide troops. (150$)

Attack DogsEdit

Attack Dogs attack the enemy viscously and directly. (100$)

Chemical AgentsEdit

Chemical Agents are armed with PP90M1 and they spread gas all around the map with tanks and gas mines. (150$)


Juggernauts are difficult to kill and are armed with PKP Pecheneg. (500$)

Riot Shield JuggernautsEdit

Riot Shield Juggernauts are armed with PKP Pecheneg and Riot Shields. (750$)

Claymore expertsEdit

Claymore experts are armed with Claymores, Five Seven and PM 9, they plant Claymores in random areas. (150$)

Little BirdsEdit

Little Birds are Attack Choppers armed with Miniguns. (600$)

Armored JuggernautsEdit

Juggernauts with PKP Pecheneg and have more health. (1000$)

Air SupportEdit

Predator Missile Edit

Buy the Predator Missile with $2500. Launch Predator Missiles from the air to the ground to kill multiple enemies or destroy Little Birds.

Air StrikeEdit

Unlocked at Level 4 and buy Air Strike with $2500. Throw down a flare to get an Air Strike to kill multiple enemies.

Delta SquadEdit

Unlocked at Level 14 and buy Delta Squad with $3000. Call in Delta Force to fight alongside you and support you in battle.

Riot Shield SquadEdit

Unlocked at Level 21 and buy Riot Shield Squad with $5000.