Task Force 141

Logo for Task Force 141

Task Force 141 is a faction from Call of Duty. Task Force 141 is a multinational special operations force composed of members of British, Australian, American, Canadian and possibly other foreign. 

Known membersEdit

Lieutenant General ShepherdEdit

Lt. General Shepherd was in the United States Army, and acts like a commanding officer in Task Force 141. He later betrays Task Force 141, and is then killed by Captain Soap MacTavish in Afghanistan during August 16th 2016.

Captain John PriceEdit

Captain John Price was in in the British 22nd Special Air Service, and acts like a field commander by Task Force 141. Designated Sharpshooter, and orchestrator behind Lt. General Shepherd's assassination. He was soon, alongside Soap, a wanted criminal for the murder of Shepherd.

Captain John Soap MacTavishEdit

Captain John Soap MacTavish was in the British 22nd Special Air Service, and acts like a field commander and designated sharpshooter, he was a wanted criminal after assassinating Shepherd. He dies during his attempt to eliminate Makarov, but his death fuels Price's vengeance against Makarov, even after World War III.

Lieutenant Simon Ghost RileyEdit

Simon Ghost Riley was in the British 22nd Special Air Service. He acts like a regiment, technical specialist and field commander subordinate to Captain MacTavish. He is soon killed by General Shepherd and his Shadow Company soldiers.

Sergeant Gary Roach SandersonEdit

Sergeant Gary Roach Sanderson a member of Task Force 141, he was soon betrayed and killed by Shepherd and his Shadow Company soldiers on the Georgian-Russian border on Day 6.

Private First Class Joseph AllenEdit

Joseph was in the U.S. Army 75th Ranger Regiment, a Veteran of combat operations in Afghanistan, hand picked by Shepherd to participate in a CIA undercover operation to infiltrate the Ultranationalist cell led by Makarov. He is killed by Makarov when his undercover status is blown in Zakheav International Airport during August 12th. Allen's death soon began World War III.


Yuri was a Russian Loyalist, former Spetsnaz and former friend of Vladimir Makarov, Nikolai 's most trusted and best soldier. After Task Force 141 joined forces with the Russian Loyalists, they also became operatives of the counter-terrorist unit. He is killed by Makarov during his last stand. However, Yuri's death buys Captain John Price needed to kill Makarov.


Nikolai was a Russian Loyalist, and is code name of a Russia informat among Imran Zakhaev's Ultranationalists, and an ally of SAS