Thel Vadam

Thel Vadam's appearence in Halo 3

"And must be silenced!"

Thel is an Elite who holds the Arbiter Rank and sides with the humans after the Prophets betrayed him and the other Elites.


Early lifeEdit

Thel was born a member of the Vadam family, leaders of the State of Vadam on the planet, Sangehilios. He was being trained to become a great warrior by his relative, Lak Vadamme. Thel joined the Covenant Military soon and earned the right to use the "-ee". Thel fought in the battle against Madrigal.

Thel was soon promoted Shipmaster and gained the title of Kaidon. Thel suffered an injury during to his mistake in training. He had a medical operation by a doctor with the loss of honor. He soon made and wore a Shipmaster cloak, and it reminds him not to keep his guard down.

Kaidon lifeEdit

This became importaint to his family, as he had the power to rule the State of Vadam. He was soon attacked by Elite Assassins but he killed all three. He then elimanated Koida for ordering the failed assassination.