Timeline Events of the Manga, Death Note.


2001 September 1stEdit

Naomi Misora enters the FBI.

2002 July 22ndEdit

A crossword puzzle is sent to the LAPD with clues meant to lead them to the first victim of the BB Murder Cases, this is unknown at the time and the puzzle is ignored.

2002 July 31stEdit

The first victim in the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, Believe Bridesmaid, is found dead. 

2002 August 4thEdit

The second victim in the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases,Quarter Queen , is found dead.

2002 August 13thEdit

The third victim in the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, Backyard Bottomslash, is found dead.

2002 August 14thEdit

Naomi Misora makes her first contact with L.

2002 August 22ndEdit

The murderer, Beyond Birthday, makes a suicide attempt in a way to make it appear he himself was murdered as the final victim of the BB Murder Cases.

Naomi Misora learns Beyond Birthday's plan and prevents his death.

Naomi Misora arrests Beyond Birthday thus concluding the LA BB Murder Cases.

2002 September 1stEdit

L learns capoeira as recommended by Naomi Misora.

2003 May 19thEdit

Misa Amane's parents were killed by a Burgular.

2003 July 4thEdit

Rayne Penber proposes to Naomi Misora.

2003 September 30thEdit

Naomi Misora quits FBI in anticipation of Marriage.

2003 November 23rdEdit

Light Yagami picks up the Death Note.

2003 November 28thEdit

Kurou Otoharada dies of a heart attack after Light Yagami writes his name in the Death Note.

Takuo Shibuimaru dies from a motocycle accident after Light Yagami writes his name in the Death Note.

2003 December 3rdEdit

Light Yagami meets the Shinigami Ryuk and announces that he'll become the god of a new world created with the help of the Death Note which he has already been using to kill off criminals.

2003 December 4thEdit

At an ICPO meeting on how to deal with the Kira killings, L announces his investigation.

2003 December 5thEdit

On a TV Broadcast, Lind L. Tailor defies Kira.

Light Yagami kills Lind L. Tailor using the power of Death Note-but L has tricked him into revealing that Kira is in the Kanto region of Japan.

2003 December 9thEdit

Light Yagami helps his younger sister, Sanyu Yagami, with her homework.

Over family dinner, Soichiro Yagami reveals information about the Kira Case and how the hours of death have narrowed down the suspects.

2003 December 10thEdit

23 Criminals held in Prison are killed one by one, on the hour, by the Death Note.

2003 December 11thEdit

23 more Criminals are killed by the Death Note.

2003 December 12thEdit

L realises that Kira can control a victim's time of death and has access to information on the progress of the Kira investigation. 

Light Yagami creates a false bottom in his desk drawer to hide the Death Note.

2003 December 14thEdit

12 FBI Agents are sent to Japan in order to find the source of the leak by checking on the Kira Task Force and their relatives.

2003 December 18thEdit

FBI Agent Raye Penber begins shadowing Light Yagami.

Ryuk explains to Light Yagami the concept of the Shinigami Eyes.

2003 December 19thEdit

Light Yagami uses the Death Note to perform tests on imprisoned Criminals.

2003 December 20thEdit

Kiichiro Osoreda takes the occupants of a bus hostage, a feat caused by Light Yagami with the Death Note in order to learn the name of the man following him. Kiichiro is then killed by colliding with a car.

2003 December 27thEdit

Yonegoro Nusumi dies, witnessed by Raye Penber who is threatened by Light Yagami.

All 12 FBI Agents, including Raye Penber, are killed by Penber after Light tricks him into writing their names on a page of the Death Note.

2003 December 31stEdit

Naomi Misora carries out her own inquiry into the death of her fiance: Raye Penber.

There is a mass walk-out by the members of the Kira Task Force. Only a few remain to hunt Kira.

Soichiro Yagami and his men: Shuichi Aizawa, Kanzo Mogi, Hirokazu Ukita and Touta Matsuda meet L.

2004 January 1stEdit

Light Yagami meets Naomi Misora who reveals that she has uncovered some crucial facts about the Kira case.

Naomi Misora dissapears, killed by the power of the Death Note.

2004 January 5thEdit

L views security tapes of FBI Agents dying.

2004 January 8thEdit

The Yagami and Kitamura families are put under survelliance by L.

A fake news bulletin announces 1500 Kira investigators are coming to Japan.

An embezzler and a purse-snatcher are killed by Kira.

2004 January 10thEdit

Three small-time thieves are killed by Kira.

2004 January 12thEdit

L decides to end survelliance of the Yagami and Kitamura households.

2004 January 17thEdit

Light Yagami and L come face-to-face for the first time during the university entrance exams.

2004 January 21stEdit

Beyond Birthday is killed by Kira.

2004 January 28thEdit

Model Misa Amane appears in the March issue of Eighteen.

2004 Febuary 2ndEdit

The killer of Misa Amane's parents is killed by Kira.

2004 March 12thEdit

Misa Amane is attacked by a stalker.

The Shinigami Gelus, out of love, kills the stalker and this causes his own death.

2004 March 20thEdit

Misa Amane gains the Death Note and meets Rem.

2004 April 2ndEdit

Misa Amane moves to Tokyo. 

2003 April 5thEdit

Light Yagami enters the To-Oh University where he and L, under the alias of Hideki Ryuga, make the opening speech on behalf of the new students.

L officially introduces himself to Light Yagami and invites him to join the Kira Investigation.

2004 April 7thEdit

Light Yagami and L play a game of tennis.

L tells Light Yagami that he suspects him of being Kira.

Over coffee, L tests Light Yagami's detective skills, but is actually trying to trick him into revealing information that only Kira would know.

Soichiro Yagami collapses due to stress.

2004 April 13thEdit

The Second Kira's videos are recieved at Sakura TV.

2004 April 17thEdit

Seiichi and Seiiji Machiba are killed by the Second Kira.

2004 April 18thEdit

The Second Kira's tapes are broadcast on Sakura TV.

Newscaster Kazuhiko Hibima is killed by the Second Kira.

Hirokazu Ukita and other policemen are killed by the Second Kira when they try and stop the programme.

Soichiro Yagami crashes an armored truck into Sukura TV and confiscates the tapes and the other copies.

2004 April 22ndEdit

The Police release a video sent by the Second Kira which indicates their refusal to work with him.

2004 April 24thEdit

L announces the possibility of there being a Second Kira.

Light Yagami passes L's test and joins the Kira Task Force.

L broadcasts fake Kira message aimed at Second Kira.

2004 April 26thEdit

Another video from the Second Kira is sent and passed on to the Kira Task Force.

In the video, the Second Kira uses the term "Shinigamii". L is shocked by the idea of the existence of Shinigami.

2004 May 12thEdit

A mysterious diary arrives from the Second Kira.