The UNSC Army is a branch of the U

Logo for the UNSC Army

NSCDF. It is primarly responsible for land-based military operations.

Known UnitsEdit


124th Mechanized Infantry Brigade

1st Regiment

6th Regiment

13th Regiment

47th Regiment

127th Regiment

501st Regiment

34th Infantry Brigade

4th Regiment

14th Regiment

581st Regiment

594th Regiment

556th Regiment

1337th Regiment

3rd Mechanized Brigade

53rd Armored Division

2nd Armored Division

8th Armored Division

37th Regiment

38th Regiment

3rd Battalion

169th Company

267th Company

314th Company

352nd Company

371st Company

465th Company

2 Lima

7 Delta

4 Charlie

1 Alpha

7 Charlie

Kilo 26

Kilo 40

3 Charlie

7 Charlie 40

Alpha 20

3 Echo 57


Charlie 1

Charlie 2

Kilo 33 

Kilo 34

Known IndividualsEdit

Corporal Travis

Sergeant Major Duvall

Gabriel Thorne

2 Lima 4

7 Delta 19

4 Charlie 47

1 Alpha 3